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Are you ready to change the game?

Unless you get a
Moneyball Mindset™,
you'll keep losing money, time and energy.


You’re ambitious, competitive, and driven to win. The problem is that your teams aren't performing, and you’re trying to figure out what to do next.


You’ve tried team building events, training, motivational talks but something is missing.

You're not alone.

This is a common problem.


Your team is stuck in the WAR Room, working against themselves. This is when they sit in self doubt, wasting time spinning in a fixed mindset focused on the wrong problems.


When they're in the WAR Room they lose money, productivity, and energy.


I know this because as at top 1% seller and leader, I found myself stuck there, but learned how to get out. 

TEDx: From WAR Room to WIN Room

The challenge is most people don't even know they're stuck in the WAR Room. Maybe you're stuck too.

You want your team in the WIN Room, where they make money, lean into their strengths and focusing on the right things.


You can't get them there because you're looking at the problem the wrong way using an outdated, one- size-fits-no one playbook. 


It's not your fault, very few have been taught this.

The world has changed, people have changed and the only way to win today is with a Moneyball Mindset™.


The good news is, our team knows how to get your team out of the WAR Room and in the WIN Room, fast.


Like the famous baseball movie, based on the real life underdog story of a team who changed the game and shocked everyone, we show you how to stop playing by archaic rules and win the Moneyball Way.

Our Process: We "Moneyball It" 

  • Look at the problem differently

  • Find hidden value in you, your team & your clients

  • Master the new ROI: Return on Interactions

Our Programs: We deliver immersive, interactive virtual and in-person WIN Room workshops and training programs focused on:

  • Moneyball Leadership™

  • Moneyball Selling™

  • Moneyball Teaming™


Our Results: 98.4% of sellers and leaders who go learn the Moneyball Method hit their quotas and their highest priority targets each year.

"The WIN Room program is different than any other program I've experienced . After learning the Moneyball Method, my team's ROI: Return on Interactions increased. My leadership skills and our sales results skyrocketed in a short amount of time. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to elevate their team's performance and leadership skills at the same time. "

- Sam P. (Sales Leader)

If you're ready to change the game, let's chat.

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