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Become a better leader.

Work with experienced, results-focused coaches & consultants on the things that actually lead to success.

You’re going to stay stuck if you don’t address the real issues.

Lead a team? Get a new job? Engage remote staff? Sell more?

We repeat what we don’t repair, so whatever it is you’re trying for, you’re going to keep getting the same results unless you address the root issue. It’s time to stop working against results with a war-room mindset.

The inFirst Team wants to help you win.


Address the real issues. When you learn to shift from a war-room mindset to the WIN Room, you’ll work less, achieve more, and enjoy your work more. 

Get practical corporate leadership training. The magic of inFirst Consulting lies not in just teaching new skills, but in awakening what’s already there under the fatigue and disillusionment. 

See lasting behavior change. You’ve learned valuable concepts from Brene Brown, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek and more. inFirst Consulting brings in the practical application to help you systematically implement these concepts into your work and life.


Bold leaders do things differently.

Meet Jaime Diglio.

I spent 20 years in corporate sales and leadership. I’ve been in the deals, led the teams, and recruited the talent. 

Early in my career, I had an insane definition of success that pushed me to win at all costs. I didn’t even realize I was chasing after the wrong things, using the wrong measurements of success. And I wasn’t alone in thinking it’s OK to work until you drop. 

At Microsoft, Gartner and Slalom, I repeatedly saw the same invisible barriers holding people and teams back. And I saw the gap in leadership training that missed the real issues behind lagging sales, low productivity and high turnover rates.

So, I created the WIN Room Program to address the root problems. 

When we start with what we are already good at, we accomplish more while doing less. This means we need to learn about our strengths, values and what drives us.  

I want to share with you this playbook for tapping into these powerful issues, and take the guesswork out of winning.

Jaime Diglio
Founder, inFirst Consulting and the WIN Room Program​

Jaime at a glance:

  • 10+ years back to back Winners Circles/Top Achiever

  • Built a $40MM business from scratch going from 2-200 customers  

  • Grew and managed a $500M revenue stream.

  • Held BDR, AE, Director, Manager, BU Leader Sales Positions

  • Earned a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Fairfield University. 

  • Sales coach and women’s leadership advisor for Bryant University

  • Specializes in human motivation, neuroscience and positive psychology. 

  • Has advised CXO leaders and teams across multiple industries and functions.

  • Sees every conversation as a sales conversation, which means everyone is in sales. 

  • Leads immersive, practical training sessions that combine the key concepts of Moneyball and Ted Lasso.

  • Speaks at corporate events, trade conferences, and women’s groups.


Meet Katie Pritchett, Ph.D.

Katie Pritchett Pic.jpeg

I'm Dr. Katie Pritchett, and the coolest thing a client ever told me was that they hit their KPIs because I brought the “Katie Pritchett Impact.” 

Truly that’s my passion—helping high performers identify and hit their personal & professional KPIs. With over 15 years of experience blending education and business, I have dedicated myself to helping leaders excel in innovation, change management, leadership coaching, and organizational effectiveness.

What sets me apart is my unwavering belief in the power of individualization. I understand that the heart of any organization lies in its people—the driving force behind its success. As the saying goes, "hurt people hurt people," and the opposite is true. Empowered people empower others. By investing in and empowering individuals, I've witnessed the remarkable transformation that can occur.

Katie at a glance:

  • Award winning educator and practicing business consultant

  • 15+ years working at the intersection of education and business

  • Ph.D from The University of Texas at Austin

  • Professor of the UT McCombs School of Business from 2015-2021

  • Served on the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors overseeing eight universities and over 84,000 students.

  • Worked for the U.S. Department of Education in policy implementation for Federal Student Aid.

  • Known by her clients as a “swiss army knife” when it comes to integrating change management, innovation and experiential learning.

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