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Apply to the WIN Room

Have you ever had professional coaching before?
Please check the top 3 things you are looking for support with?
Where do you want your annual income level to be in the next 12-24 months?
Time Commitment: 12 weeks for 60 minutes a week. Are you able to commit to this amount of time? This program is designed for busy professionals, so it is highly effective and efficient. Each week we offer a makeup session if you can't make the original time. One to one sessions will be scheduled based on your calendar availability over the 12-week program.
This program is for ambitious professionals who want to elevate their career and skills, fast. What is your level of urgency/timing to start?
There are two levels of financial commitment for the 12 Week WIN Room. The full program is $4.5K which includes three (60 minute) private 1-1 coaching sessions. The program without the 1-1 coaching is $3K. Are you ready to make this commitment today? We have flexible payment options available, please note in your response if that is something you would like to discuss.
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