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Unlock team performance and profits.

Implement the WIN-WIN system™ to remove friction and see your team working together faster than ever.

Get out of the WAR Room

Traditional training programs will fail you.

Too often, traditional training programs and coaching focus only on the company’s needs or employees’ weaknesses. These programs are all about adding another skill and hoping that fixes the people and performance problems, but there’s no practical application.

This traditional method only piles on more stress to work against results (WAR room training). It’s no wonder these programs only result in more morale problems and conflicts.

Get out of the WAR Room

See your teams hit their goals every time.

Build on your team’s strengths, and you’ll see the engagement that leads to profit–all with less effort. We’ll show you how.
Individuals first.

Build an effective team by understanding and nurturing every member’s strengths, values and needs. Put this first and everything that follows will be easier, faster and more valuable for you and your team.

Team engagement.

When you know what truly motivates your employees individually, you’ll be able to confidently build teams that are more engaged leading to higher productivity that affects your bottom line. 

Programmed for success.

Benefit from group training sessions and individual coaching. Watch your employees turn new knowledge into reliable habits. Then, score a win-win by combining your leadership goals with employees’ needs through hands-on, deal coaching.

You win when your team wins.

Your company does not have a revenue problem. It has an employee engagement problem.

Get your WIN-WIN now.

Only 33% of employees say they are engaged in their work in U.S. companies. Disengaged people are less productive. When your sales, marketing, customer service, or product development teams are disengaged, that directly impacts your business’ revenue

A soccer team won’t win with only three players putting in the effort, while seven other players just go through the motions. It’s the same for your team at work.

You’ll never achieve the collaboration and results you need if you’re counting on people who aren’t engaged. 

Using WIN Room’s strategies, leaders can give their teams the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to magnify employees’ strengths and guarantee success.


Break down the silos.

Take employees from disengaged to actively invested in team goals.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:
Bring the WIN Room group training

to your team.

Step 2:
Spend an hour a week for 12 weeks

with your team learning and practicing new skills.

Step 3:
See more profits and more staff engagement

with less effort.

Corporate Programs

WIN Room Group Training Program

Remember the Moneyball movie? The Oakland A’s franchise transformed their team by focusing on a special combination of skills and following the data. They built a winning team based on individual players’ interconnected strengths, while other franchises still recruited players based on the wrong things.

If you keep building teams based on the wrong things, you’ll keep getting the same burnout and disengagement. 

We developed this 12 week program for sales managers, regional directors, department heads, business owners, new leaders, and leaders overseeing remote workers.

With this program, you’ll get quick-win coaching in the first six weeks. With recharged mindsets, your employees will be able to identify what’s holding them back, get clear on their specific drivers, goals and strengths. 

Then, in the next six weeks, you’ll achieve a win-win for your employees and yourself. You and your team will have the practical application of key skillsets and toolsets for success. You’ll practice leading team members in meeting organizational goals, while continuing to nurture their individual strengths. 


Read how and why the WIN Room method helps teams turn sales, business and communications concepts into true behavior change.

This program is different from others because it:

  • Focuses on the special combination of Artificial Intelligence skills + Emotional Intelligence skills you and your team need in order to reach your collective goals.

  • Provides the data you and your team need to successfully collaborate and make decisions.

  • Addresses the invisible, but very real barriers to employee engagement and team success.

  • Is based on the way employees learn (70% hands-on, 20% informal, and 10% formal instruction).

  • Includes the things employees crave–safe, real time conversations, breathing room, and time to practice new skills.

  • Meets online while building team rapport and connections just like in-person training does.

  • Combines group coaching, tactical deal coaching, one-on-one support, practical application and practice of new skills.

  • Requires only an hour a week for 12 weeks.

WIN the Day Workshop

Have a specific topic or productivity issue you want to focus on immediately? Energize and unite your employees with an in-person or online workshop. They’ll walk away from this interactive, day-long workshop ready to focus on “What’s important now?” as individuals and as a team.  

WIN Room Train-the-Trainer Program

When you and your team complete the WIN Room Group Training Program, others in your company will notice. They’ll want to know how they can get the same fast and lasting growth you and your team have achieved.

Bring the WIN Room program to your entire organization with our train-the-trainer program. We will provide all training materials and teach your internal coaches how to train teams in the WIN Room method.

Speaking at Events

Want to book a practical and inspiring speaker who will energize your employees, customers or resource groups? Our founder, Jaime Diglio, is a TEDx speaker specializing in the topics event attendees care about the most. Event planners turn to Jaime when they need someone to deliver a dynamic talk on sales, success or building solid habits.

Tailored Advising and Consulting

Need an experienced, outside advisor to help you solve sales, leadership, retention, or team-dynamic problems? We offer organizational consulting on a retainer basis for a select few companies. It’s time to solve your team turnover or customer-acquisition dilemmas.

AI Sales Technology & Team Assessment Training

Predictive Index and xiQ offer powerful Artificial Intelligence tools that help leaders, teams and sales staff better understand the people they work with and sell to.


Unfortunately, most companies get the technology tools but fail to invest in the training required to make the new tools useful and practical for their sellers and leaders. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence another type of intelligence - emotional intelligence - has never been more crucial to invest in. Referred to as EQ these are the skills like empathy, self awareness and social cues that are critical human skills for selling today. Fortunately, we offer programs that help your teams amplify the ROI of these tools with real deals, through real time training and practical application.


Jaime Diglio is certified in the Predictive Index Platform and xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing platform. She trains HR directors, learning and development leaders, sales enablement, sales managers, division directors and their teams on the ground how to get the most out of these tools and assessments.


Ask about Jaime’s Deal Coaching Program with xiQ or her Team Refresh Program with Predictive Index.

It’s time for you and your team to win.

Our founder, Jaime Diglio, knows what it’s like to be an ambitious leader who feels stuck and burned out.

Through education, perseverance and practice, she learned how to get unstuck. Then, she created a step-by-step method for how leaders and their teams can do the same.

Jaime combines AI data-driven insights and proven, behavioral science and psychological strategies to help leaders identify and build up their strongest players. (In other words, she takes the winning concepts you’ve seen in Moneyball and Ted Lasso and applies them to corporate leadership.)


She’s taught thousands at top companies, including Gartner, Microsoft, and Slalom, to use these principles and lead teams to exceptional success.

Next-Level Sales

“Each time I join a new company, I hire Jaime to work with my new team. Her program and methods get my teams performing faster and selling more in 90 days than I could achieve alone in six months.”

James S.

  • How long is the program?
    The main WIN Room Program is 12 weeks for one hour a week. We offer event speaking engagements and custom corporate training as well. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • How much does the program cost?
    The base investment is $2,500 per person for the 12-week program for a group of 15-20. That can increase depending on the level of one-to-one coaching you want for your team. And that can decrease depending on the number of groups you want to take through the program.
  • When does the program start?
    Contact us for the next available start dates.
  • Will people from other companies be in the program with me?
    Training for corporate teams is closed to outside organizations. You have the option to send members of your team to one of our open programs for individuals. In these programs, we group individuals from different organizations based on their roles.
  • Will I have coaching in a group or one-on-one?
    The WIN Room program is a combination of group and one-on-one coaching. You learn about what drives you individually, then get to practice what you’ve learned in group sessions.
  • How do I sign up?
    Complete the application for either individual or corporate training. Set up an appointment with Jaime to get started. Find your purpose and start winning.

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Free Assessment

Know your strengths and what drives you to succeed.

The Predictive Index is a great starting point for leaders who want to improve their relationships and communications skills. Take the free assessment today and get the baseline data to know what drives you.

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