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Achieve more by doing less.

The WIN Room program opens the door to greater purpose, performance and profits.

Get out of the WAR Room

Unlock the WIN Room and:

Make data-driven decisions.
See soaring engagement.
Hit the right goals.

Buried in burnout.

Your sales teams aren’t talking or communicating with each other. Your corporate leaders complain about their people not being committed to the company. While your employees say those same leaders always expect the job to come before everything else.

It’s no wonder your people resist working in the office or supporting the company’s latest strategy.

But what can you do to turn things around? With burnout this high, employee engagement and productivity plummets.

You’re feeling the pressure more than ever before. The non-stop expectations, emergency meetings, and emotionally exhausting conflicts leave you and your teams with no time to breathe.

These are symptoms that your teams are trapped in the war room.

Get out of the WAR Room

Breathing room.

The WIN Room program combines modern AI tools with sales skills, soft skills and leadership training to unlock the potential in you and your team.

Get out of the WAR Room

We have more data on our employees and customers than ever before, yet engagement is still really low and you’re not hitting your revenue numbers. Why?

We are focused on the wrong data. Locked in on the wrong target. Leaders don’t see the untapped potential in their people or themselves.

Starting with behavioral science based assessments, the WIN Room program uncovers the hidden drivers in each of us. Our team then tailors the WIN (What I Need) Room program to individuals’ needs in a combination of group and one-on-one coaching.

This data-driven, strengths-based approach will move you and your team from siloed and stressed to being collaborative, motivated and profitable. Your team will have the right mindsets, skillsets and toolsets–-the breathing room–they need to be fully engaged and successful.


Focus on your strengths and
you’ll achieve more while doing less

Maximum impact.

The magic lies not in teaching new skills, but in activating what's already there, often buried beneath layers of fatigue and friction.

Effective leaders today don’t focus on pushing themselves or their teams harder. Instead, they look inward and align individual strengths with team goals. They create an environment where they and their team members feel valued and understood.


We tailor the 12-week virtual WIN Room Program to your unique drivers. Then, we combine real-time data with hands-on practice to guide you and your team to reaching your full potential in business and life.

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Do what really works and you’ll work less.

Our founder, Jaime Diglio, knows what it’s like to be an ambitious leader who feels stuck and burned out.

Through education, perseverance and practice, she learned how to get unstuck. Then, she created a step-by-step method for how leaders and their teams build the right mindsets, skillsets and toolsets.

Jaime combines data-driven insights and proven, psychological strategies to help leaders identify and build up their strongest players. (In other words, she takes the winning concepts you’ve seen in Moneyball and Ted Lasso and applies them to corporate leadership.)


She’s taught thousands of people at top companies, including Gartner, Microsoft, and Slalom, to use these principles and lead teams to exceptional success.

Go from warring to winning

in 3 simple steps.
Step 1:
Apply for the WIN Room Program

Secure a spot in our 12-week coaching program.

Step 2:
Begin Your Journey

Spend an hour a week learning and practicing new skills.

Step 3:
Enjoy the Success

See the remarkable and lasting changes that come from using this data-driven, strengths-based approach.

See the proof.

“The WIN method absolutely allows new sellers to hit the ground running.”
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Overcome what’s holding you or your team back.

We work with leaders in these companies 

Concrete Texture
Corporate Sales Training

Increase engagement and profits.

On the journey with us, you and your team will:

  • Uncover individual team member strengths with the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.

  • Break down unproductive silos and create a united culture.

  • Nurture collaboration and communication among team members.

  • Multiply overall productivity and team satisfaction.

  • Watch your organization’s revenue reach new heights.


Are you ready to secure your team’s place in the WIN Room?

Sales Coaching for Professional Women

The right training at the right time.

Stop collecting certifications. Build the skills you need to succeed now.


On the journey with us, you will:

  • Uncover your strengths with the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.

  • Get the skills and support you need to reach and succeed in leadership on your terms.

  • Join other ambitious women in the program, build a network of mentors and advocates, and learn to identify and use your unique strengths.

  • Create your career roadmap.

  • Hands-on deal coaching.

  • Have clarity on what you want and what you don’t want.

  • Practice using data-driven tools and science-based exercises to build sustainable habits.


Are you ready to secure your place in the WIN Room?

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Free Assessment

Know your strengths and what drives you to succeed.

The Predictive Index provides the data leaders need to know to jumpstart their journey to better relationships and communication skills. We’re offering you this assessment for free. Take the assessment today, and get the baseline data that will help you as you build a winning team.

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