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Live with purpose and win.

Executive communication coaching for women designed to accelerate your corporate career and confidence.

Be crystal clear

on the life you’re aiming for.

Be intentional

in setting and reaching your goals.

Be confident

in your strengths.

You can’t win when you’re at war with yourself.

Chronic stress, self-criticism and constant demands have you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and numb. Pushing yourself harder only makes things worse. 

There’s no sugar coating it. When you’re at war with yourself, you’re working against getting the results you want.

But how do you go from the warring to winning?


Find your win.

Tap into your strengths with executive coaching designed just for you. 

It’s a straightforward process to go from warring to winning.

  1. Look inward. 

  2. Get clear on your values, goals and strengths. 

  3. Harness and tap into the power that’s already inside you.

But knowing the process and consistently working the process are completely different things. 

The WIN Room Program equips you to confidently take your career to the next level without burning out.

Succeed in your career on your terms.

The WIN Room Program is a 12-week immersive coaching program for ambitious women. 

In this program, you’ll uncover your unique inner strengths and drivers. Next, you’ll create the roadmap to getting the career and life you want as you learn to lead from your strengths. Then, you’ll use data-driven tools and science-based exercises to build sustainable habits and a supportive community.

Go from cloudy to clear.

Want to land that exciting, new job? Or are you looking to soar in your new role? Either way, the WIN Room Program provides the playbook for reaching your goals—and enjoying your journey.

The WIN Room Program includes both one-on-one sessions and group coaching. So, we’re able to cover the tactical skills that work best with your personality to help you reliably achieve your goals. You’ll learn new habit hacks, sales and marketing skills, and how to easily set and hold boundaries.

With this knowledge, you’ll find you aren’t continually reacting to outside pressures or feeling overwhelmed. In other words, you’ll identify and get your WIN (your “What I Need”). 

I know what it’s like to be stuck.

I took career burnout to the extreme. (You can hear more about that in my TEDx talk.)

I had already earned a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, understood how to motivate, build and lead revenue winning teams, but that didn’t protect me from burning out. 

When ignoring my stress was no longer an option, I set out to find a way to get unstuck. And I realized I’d sacrificed years working toward success by trying to do everything right, comparing myself to others and ignoring my strengths. 

Now, I combine my study of organizational psychology and neuroscience with my real-life learnings. After working with thousands and leading many teams, I’ve created a new method–a more sustainable way–to get unstuck. 

I teach others to go first to their strengths and name what drives them. Then, they’re able to achieve more by doing less based on their unique talents.  

I’ve taught thousands at top companies, including Gartner, Microsoft, and Slalom, to use these principles to achieve exceptional success. And now I want to teach them to you.

No more wasting time doing things that drain you. No more trial and error or numbing out. In the WIN Room Program, you’ll have data-driven insights and proven, emotionally intelligent strategies. (You know…The winning concepts you’ve seen in Moneyball and Ted Lasso, but now applied to your life and career.)

I hope you join me in an upcoming cohort and have the tools you need to get unstuck. (A quick note…There are only 20 spaces available in each cohort. Please join the waitlist for the next available space.)

Jaime Diglio
Founder, inFirst Consulting and the WIN Room Program

"I was feeling stuck in my career and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. Jaime helped me to clarify my goals and I'm now in a new role making 30% more and I feel like I got my life back."


Mary S

Your step-by-step guide to getting unstuck...

The WIN Room Program structure: 

Career Roadmap. Build a compelling narrative on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. Have clarity on what you want. Confidently drop the things that aren't serving you.

Internal Drivers Assessment. Understand your drivers and behavioral hardwiring with a 360 assessment of your strengths. Use these data-driven insights to WIN faster.

Confidence Playbook. Learn how to see and use your strengths in a completely different way. Get your personal playbook for winning, and you’ll communicate and lead more effectively.

Personal Brand Blueprint. Discover your WIN themes and drivers. Then, you’ll find it easy to stay focused on your goals and leading with intention. You’ll also strengthen your executive presence and brand.

Elevator Pitch Tactics. Q. How do you raise your profile without coming across as salesy or self-absorbed? A. Know how to communicate who you are, what you value and who you serve.

Mind. Set. Sell. Strategy. Learn the fundamentals of Brain-Based SellingTM️. Master the three sales conversations everyone needs to know in order to WIN, regardless if you’re in sales or not.

WIN Team Support. Multiply your network quickly with our built-in WIN team support system. See the difference having a group of peers who get you, mentor you and provide guidance makes.

Leadership Language Manual. Identify your unique leadership philosophy and have a custom guide to owning it and using it daily to elevate your brand and lead with clarity.

LinkedIn Guide. Step 1. We’ll complete an assessment of your current LinkedIn profile and give you a customized guide for elevating your profile. Step 2. Maximize your influence and grow your brand and network. 

New Habit Hacks. Get rid of the head trash and defeat your inner adversary. These simple mindset hacks reduce self-doubt and increase your WIN rates at home and at work.

Deal Coaching. Everyone is dealing with something in every moment. Get the coaching you need for the deals and challenges you’re facing right now.

Weekly Schedule

for our Executive Coaching for Women

Week 1

Personal Branding

Week 5

Navigating Office Politics

Week 9

Overcoming Self Doubt “Deal Strategies”

Week 2

Communicating with Confidence

Week 6

Master the Art of Selling

Week 10

Managing Change and Transition

Week 3

Leveraging Your Strengths

Week 7

Career Advancement Strategies

Week 11

Building Your WIN Team Support System

Week 4

Work-Life Integration

Week 8

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Week 12

Celebrating Success and Planning to Reach the Next Level

See the proof.

“I elevated my executive presence, confidence and personal brand with simple strategies to stand out and speak up.”

Unlock your WIN Room.

Step 1:

in the WIN Room Program.

Step 2:

learning and practicing new skills with a cohort of like-minded, ambitious women leaders.

Step 3:

at work and in life as you easily identify your WIN.

TheWinRoom 10863.jpg

Get the antidote to inertia.

Have the skills and habits to nurture your passion for your work, your potential, and your strengths.

  • How long is the program?
    The main WIN Room Program is 12 weeks for one hour a week. We offer event speaking engagements and custom corporate training as well. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • How much does the program cost?
    The base investment is $2,500 per person for the 12-week program for a group of 15-20. That can increase depending on the level of one-to-one coaching you want for your team. And that can decrease depending on the number of groups you want to take through the program.
  • When does the program start?
    Contact us for the next available start dates.
  • Will people from other companies be in the program with me?
    Training for corporate teams is closed to outside organizations. You have the option to send members of your team to one of our open programs for individuals. In these programs, we group individuals from different organizations based on their roles.
  • Will I have coaching in a group or one-on-one?
    The WIN Room program is a combination of group and one-on-one coaching. You learn about what drives you individually, then get to practice what you’ve learned in group sessions.
  • How do I sign up?
    Complete the application for either individual or corporate training. Set up an appointment with Jaime to get started. Find your purpose and start winning.
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Free Assessment

Know your strengths and what drives you to succeed.

The Predictive Index provides the data you need to jumpstart your journey to better relationships and communications skills. Take the assessment for free today, and get the baseline data that will help you as you build your career.

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