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Unlock the door to your WIN Room.

A transformative approach to leadership training that gives you the skills nobody ever told you about, but you need to know to win.

Your war room is crushing productivity.

Too many business leaders and corporate teams are operating from a war room mindset. This state of perpetual crisis management, pressure, competition, and conflict loses you money every moment of the day and only leads to one place. Burnout. That’s why ‘war’ means working against results.

Find what you need in the WIN Room.


Move to the ‘What I Need’ or WIN Room mindset, and you’ll stop working against results. 

The WIN Room is where deals are done, in a place of strategy and alignment. It’s where you can proactively harness latent potential within yourself and your team members. 

When you’re operating with a WIN Room mindset, your teams are making money because you recognize your and others’ innate talents, passions and capabilities. Then, you’re able to move from energy-draining, ineffective tactics to data-driven, emotionally intelligent, profitable strategies.

The WIN Room method focuses on what really matters.

All too often, leaders and employees feel lonely and disengaged from their work and coworkers. This affects employee performance, revenue, mental health, and company culture. 

‘WIN’ stands for ‘What I Need.’ But it’s not just about individual needs. It’s about understanding those needs in the broader context of a team, ensuring everyone feels seen, understood, and supported. 


Research study after study show that employee engagement drives revenue.

The WIN Room method equips leaders and employees to foster authentic connections at work. It ensures everyone is the best version of themselves, striving together to reach shared goals.

Corporate teams need the WIN Room.

Use the WIN Room system at work and break through the barriers holding your team back.

In the WIN Room, we identify untapped potential and use that to build winning teams. We give you real-time practical.

Specifically, the WIN Room method:

  • Starts with uncovering employees’ individual needs, drivers and strengths, making everything that follows more valuable to participants.

  • Uses a strength-first approach.

  • Ingrains new habits and behaviors with built-in, continuous on-the-job practice.

  • Integrates the best of behavioral science with data-driven strategies, combining the principles at the heart of Ted Lasso and Moneyball.

  • Eliminates silos by boosting collaboration and removing invisible barriers.

  • Guarantees whole-team success.

  • Requires both one-on-one and group coaching, helping employees safely explore their needs and use new skills. 

  • Unravels the complexities of team dynamics, clearly understanding individual strengths and how they interplay for team success.

Corporate leaders need the WIN Room.

Apply the WIN Room method to your career and life, and break through the barriers holding you back.

Specifically, the WIN Room system:

  • Teaches you how to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

  • Enhances your communication skills and equips you to navigate difficult conversations.

  • Provides data and insights, clarifying where to focus your time and resources to see the most improvements.

  • Starts with what you are already good at, allowing you to accomplish more by doing less and guaranteeing success.

  • Rekindles your passion for work by teaching you how to set realistic boundaries and priorities, manage stress, and build your support system.

  • Guides you as you develop a career plan and goals.

  • Helps you integrate your work with your life, handle change and transitions well, and lead successful teams.

See how Jaime Diglio developed the WIN Room Method.

break through the barriers

Use the WIN Room method to
holding you or your team back.
Step 1:
Apply for the WIN Room Program

Secure a spot in our 12-week coaching program.

Step 2:
Begin Your Journey

Spend an hour a week learning and practicing new skills.

Step 3:
Enjoy the Success

See the remarkable and lasting changes that come from using this data-driven, strengths-based approach.

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Free Assessment

Know your strengths and what drives you to succeed.

The Predictive Index provides the data leaders need to know to jumpstart their journey to better relationships and communication skills. We’re offering you this assessment for free. Take the assessment today, and get the baseline data that will help you as you build a winning team.

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